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Creative Exchange – Week 10

Before the snow arrived  I was able to capture on Sunday a pair of frosty leaves left abandoned in our garden.  So I have combined them together for this week’s The Creative Exchange over at Lisa’s blog the White Cotton Tee.

Frosty Leaves


Birthday flowers

It’s been a funny Saturday, were I have just felt out of sorts. I can’t really pin-point why I have felt like this today.   I am probably just over-tired and could do with a few early nights. 

So I am sat cozied up on the sofa, watching some trashy tv and flicking through some of my pictures from today trying to decided what to share. 

I have picked these two pictures, which I captured early this afternoon.  I bought this gorgeous bouquet of flowers for a friend’s birthday today.  So with the remaining light I was capture these two shots.

NiBW - Flowers

The first for November in Black and White, which I have really enjoyed.  I have been trying to look for opportunities to capture in black and white instead of colour.  I don’t think I would have even thought of trying to capture a bouquet of flowers in black and white.


And of course I had to include this beautiful colour capture, as this rose would brighten anyone’s day.

I am also giving this as a virtual gift from for the virtual party that is happening over at a new blog A Common Thread hosted by Rosie, Justine, Lisa and Jude.

Macro Friday

Another Macro Friday at Blogging from Bolivia and I am starting to thinking about planning for Christmas. 

Digging around in my drawers I found the scrap of ribbon which I used last year to decorate traditional pomander.

Macro Friday - Ribbon

B&W Wednesday

It’s  B&W Wednesday (and November In Black and White), except it is actually Thursday now. 

So far we have little or no snow and I have a suspicion that we probably won’t get much either. I don’t know whether I am slightly disappointed by the prospect or not. 

I dug out my date stamp which I use in my craft and creative projects (and not as part of the my job or profession) and managed to grab this close-up shot.

B&W Wednesday - Date stamps

Funnily enough with the advent of self issue in our library, we very rarely use date stamps anymore.  It is a shame, as there is something quite satisfying stamping books.

the long road

Creative Exchange – Week 9

I should be busy rehearsing my presentation for tomorrow, but I have taken a short break to think about this week’s The Creative Exchange over at Lisa’s blog the White Cotton Tee.

This week I have taken an old photograph I took in October and played around with some of the visual effects tools in Photoshop Elements to create this new picture.  Hope you enjoy it.

NiBW - Lilies

Black and White Sunday

Another weekend has flown by, and I have barely picked up my camera.  So as I have a couple of minutes while Sunday lunch I though I would try to capture something for November in Black and White.

NiBW - Bracelet 02

This is one of my favourite bracelets, though completely impractical to wear everyday as it bangs and clangs against the desk and keyboard.

NiBW -  Bracelet 01

I have really enjoyed participating in Justine’s November in Black and White, which I can’t believe is coming to a close shortly.  It has given me a real appreciation of capturing in black and white.

Macro Friday

It been a very long  and very tiring week with the prospect of potential cold on its way.  Things haven’t really work out as I had expected recently.  But as my step daughter so profoundly put it in her FB status this evening ‘sometimes things don’t work out, but then you get something good.’  

Over at Blogging from Bolivia for Macro Friday, I can only enviously admire the stunning water droplet that Laura has captured on the the lively pink material.  (I am not sure I have fully recovered just yet from the picture of the spider last week).

In an attempt to match Laura’s colourful capture this week, I grabbed this shot of my new potpourri I bought from my bathroom. 

Macro Friday - Potpourri 01

Macro Friday - Potpourri 01