Monthly Archives: February 2013

Tea at the Tea Terrance

Tea at the Tea Terrance #2103PAD

I am beginning to see a food theme with my photographs, which I suspect is probably having a negative impact on my waist line.


Evening sky silhouettes

Leaving work this evening, and I was greeted by this glorious evening sky line.  I had to quickly grab my camera from my bag to try to get a snap.

Evening sky silhouettes #2013PAD

Bakewell Tart

The Hollywood and Berry effect is happening in our house this evening, who could resist having a go.

Bakewell Tart #2013PAD

My first attempt at a Bakewell Tart (recipe courtesy of BBC Good Food Website).

A first for thirst

The first of February, first coffee of the day (though not for me).

A First for Thirst #2013PAD

Today was spent attending de Bono’s Simplicity training course, which looked at value of simplifying processes and procedures through removing, replacing or restructuring elements within those processes.

“A powerful idea which is also accompanied by practical action steps for implementation of the idea, is more valuable than an idea which is left in theoretical space
Edward de Bono

So much of what we do in life is complex or complicated.   But to simplify we sometimes need to change the context, to change the possibilities.