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Creative Exchange {014/365}

Inspired by Lisa’s theme of “the ties that bind” on her blog for this week’s Creative Exchange , I have combined a texture with a macro capture of my engagement and wedding rings. 

Creative Exchange {014/365}

The rings are overlapping almost entwined together, with the word forever inscribed on the inside – “the ties that bind us”.


Yellow flowers {013/365}

Today started out as very promising with beautiful sunshine and blue skies, but unfortunately the promise didn’t last and the clouds have rolled in bringing in the rain with them. 

There are definitely signs of spring happening in the garden, so in between the rain showers I nipped out into the garden with my camera.

Yellow flowers 01 {013/365}

Yellow flowers 02 {013/365}

Brooch {012/365}

A handmade brooch by my step-daughter for her Grandma.

Brooch 02 {012/365}

Brooch 01 {012/365}

Macro Friday {011/365}

It’s Friday again, and time for Macro Friday over at Laura’s blog Blogging from Bolivia. Laura has been taking some amazing shots of beatles/bugs that she has encountered in her living room. Not sure my capture for Macro Friday lives up to Laura’s standards, but here it is anyway.

Macro Friday {011/365}

Sweet tin {010/365}

As a big stream train buff, my husband was delighted to received this tin full of sweets at Christmas.

Sweet tin {010/365}

Baskets {009/365}

The log basket by the fire place is now empty and is my capture for day 9.

Baskets01 {009/365}

I have also converted today’s capture for Black & White Wednesday, over at Long Road to China.

Baskets02 {009/365}

the long road

Shedding a bit of light {008/365}

Shedding Light {008/365}