Birthday flowers

It’s been a funny Saturday, were I have just felt out of sorts. I can’t really pin-point why I have felt like this today.   I am probably just over-tired and could do with a few early nights. 

So I am sat cozied up on the sofa, watching some trashy tv and flicking through some of my pictures from today trying to decided what to share. 

I have picked these two pictures, which I captured early this afternoon.  I bought this gorgeous bouquet of flowers for a friend’s birthday today.  So with the remaining light I was capture these two shots.

NiBW - Flowers

The first for November in Black and White, which I have really enjoyed.  I have been trying to look for opportunities to capture in black and white instead of colour.  I don’t think I would have even thought of trying to capture a bouquet of flowers in black and white.


And of course I had to include this beautiful colour capture, as this rose would brighten anyone’s day.

I am also giving this as a virtual gift from for the virtual party that is happening over at a new blog A Common Thread hosted by Rosie, Justine, Lisa and Jude.


5 responses to “Birthday flowers

  1. What beautiful flowers. I can’t decide whether I prefer the colour or the b & w capture, they are so lovely!

  2. Oh I hope you feel better soon! these flowers are beautiful and they look great in both black and white and colour, so glad you have enjoyed the month in black and white, it really does make you think about textures etc don’t you think? thank you so much for your virtual gift for a common thread! they will look absolutely beautiful on the table.

  3. I hope you feel better again, Chrissy! I’m feeling a bit low today myself, blaming it on the weather 😉
    Thanks so much for bringing those beautiful flowers to the party! Such a great gift! I must admit that I’ve had difficulties with black and white, so I’m absolutely stunned how good these flowers look in b&w! And those colours are amazing!

  4. Just beautiful Chrissy, and thank you very much!!

  5. Thank you Rosie and Justine for your kind wishes. Feeling much better and I even have a day off work to enjoy the snow!

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