Monthly Archives: January 2012

Covent Garden

I had a spare few minutes on my travels to London on Thursday.  I was able to stop off at Covent Garden.

Covent Garden 01

I didn’t haven’t a huge amount of time.

Covent Garden 02

So I was only able to grab a few fleeting pictures.

Covent Garden 03


Paper cranes

After purchasing a pack Origami Paper 27 Colours from Muji I thought I would attempt a bit of origami.  I have always had a fascination for the paper craft though have never really attempted it before.

Paper cranes

To save some pennies, I found some instructions on the internet for making a traditional crane (it also includes instructions for a flapping bird and frog).   I might have another go, as I can see that I haven’t got it quite right.

Vintage marmalade label

Sunday has been about tidying up a little bit.  Collecting together all of last weeks newspapers,  clearing the empty jars and throwing out the food waste on the compost.

Vintage Marmalade label

I have been trying to attempt soak off this marmalade label, with little success. In the end I quite liked the effect the water had on the label.

Christmas packed away

Twelfth night is here at last and Christmas has been packed away for another year.

Twelfth night

I have spent the last couple of days slowly packing away bits and pieces so as not to experience a complete culture shock.  No more lights, no more baubles, at least not for another 11 months.   Fareware to Christmas.

New Year’s Resolutions 2: Read More

Inspired by the blog post by World Book Night: 2012 Reading Resolutions, my second new year’s resolutions is to read more and read more smartly. 

Dried fruit

Read more
Time seems to disappear or to be allocated elsewhere these days, but I  miss reading a good book.  So in 2012, I want to commit time to reading more or at least listening to e-audio books (courtesy of the our public library).

Read differently
I want to challenge myself  to read different things, to read outside of my comfort zone.  Sometimes I get stuck in a genre rut and then just stay there.  This year is going to be a year of new experiences. (Though I am not sure my previous or my current  eAudio books lives up to this criteria: The Road by Cormac McCathy and The Courtesan and the Samurai by Lesley Downer. Both of which fall into genres I seem to be drawn to: apocalyptic survival and historical fiction).

Ditch a book if I am not enjoying it.
I have stolen this one directly from World Book Night’s 2012 Reading Resolutions.  Time is precious and I don’t have to waste on books which I am not enjoying or don’t find pleasurable. So I promise to ditch any book (which I am reading for pleasure) which fails to be enjoyable (there are plenty of things I have to read for my job which I don’t always find enjoyable or pleasurable).

Don’t feel guilty about not reading every single word
There I have admit it.  I don’t read every single word printed, and yes I do sometimes feel guilty for doing it. But what is the point? I still enjoy the books.  (Inspired by The Guardian article: Are you ashamed of skipping parts of books? A quick skim through the reasons why it’s not always a good idea to read every page).

New Year’s Resolutions 1: Creating my own (Secret) Garden

After receiving some garden vouchers for Christmas from my in-laws, we have been spurred us on to think about what we might like to do with our garden. So here is my first new year’s resolution for 2012: creating my own (Secret) Garden.

So with mobile phone camera to hand, we made a trip to our local garden centre for some inspiration:

A Sundial

I don’t actually remember there being a sundial being mentioned in The Secret Garden (ebook), but they do feel quintessentially part of an English country garden.

Garden ideas 01

Garden ideas 03


Classic country garden decorative paving.

Garden ideas 05

Garden ideas 04

I have started to collect together more ideas for creating my secret garden and have posted them my Pinterest pinboard Ideas for my Garden

New Year’s Day

Another year, an another day hauled up inside on the sofa.  We had planned on a New Years day walk on Whitmoore Common with friends, but we missed out because of my “coughs and sneezes” and we have remained inside.  So there has been little chance for me to get out and explore with my camera.

Dried fruits and chillies

Still thinking about what, if any, new year resolutions I want to make. There are the usual: improve my fitness, lose weight, eat more healthily and be more organised.  But I still thinking about more long-term and substantial resolutions/goals.