Monthly Archives: October 2011

Pumpkin orange


Fascinated by the autumn colours at the moment and I have been collecting pictures via Pinterest (Autumn Orange 2011).  Without my usual camera to hand, I had to capture these pumpkins which I found piled high outside the Secretts Farm Shop on my mobile.


In the weekend mood…?

Not quite, I am definitely feeling below par today and probably should have stayed in bed as I have spent most of the day feeling as though I have gotten out the wrong side, so to speak.

The face of an angel

To reflect my  mood I have choosen this mono capture of one of the statues from the gardens at Polesden Lacey last week.

Macro Friday: Week 74

Another hectic week behind me and I am slumped on the sofa catching up with the world. I have spent this week fighting of the onslaught of yet another cold or something, while the hubby is stilling trying get rid of the first bout of seasonal colds and infections with a second course of antibiotics.

Pretty little flowers 01

A week of very cold mornings, must the first week were I have had to actually de-ice my car in the morning.

Pretty little flowers 02

Sat in the warmth of my living room sorting through my photos from last Saturday, I thought would share these for Macro Friday over on Blogging from Bolivia.  Pretty little pink flowers and a bumble bees

Pretty little flowers 03

Explosions of autumn colours

I have fallen into bad habits and out of my routine of participating in collaborative ventures (the busyness of life has got in the way).

Flowers 01

So in an attempt to get back into the swing of things, Mondays are for participating in The Creative Exchange at Lisa Gordon Photography blog.

Flowers 02

My job is currently taking up a majority of my time during the week, so I spent this weekend trying to capture as much I as could on a visit to Polesden Lacey.

Flowers 03

From my trip over the weekend, I captured these gorgeous flowers.

Flowers 04

The flower heads are like lion manes.

Flowers 05


What a gorgeous morning, the sun is out and we have our first frost of Autumn.  We took a drive out to Polesden Lacey to wander around the gardens and grounds.

Autumn at Polesden 02

Even before we got into the gardens, there was a glorious display of rosehips(?) in the car park.   (My ability to recognise plants is very limited)

Autumn at Polesden 01

The colour is what autumn is all about, especially in the sunshine.

Autumn at Polesden 03

Creating my own advent countdown

I have recently discovered Pinterest, a virtual pin board which enables users to collate visual ideas together  on “boards” and share boards  with each other.

Now Pinterest is fast becoming a new addiction, to add to other social media fads and crazes I indulge in.

I wanted to share one discovery I recently made through Pinterest, which was this beautiful Advent Pocket Calendar via Kimberly Petersen’s blog.

Advent Pocket Calendar by Kimberly Petersen

The idea of this pocket advent calendar is create a to count down to Christmas with 24 themed activities in each pocket.

Inspired by this idea I wanted to create my own advent calendar with my own 24 themed activities. 

Advent Calendar 01

So glue, pens, scissors and craft knife at the ready…

Advent Calendar 02

…christmas paper sourced and chosen

Advent Calendar 03

I am adapting Kimberly’s idea a little.  For my calendar I am creating 24 tags which I am decorating the front of and then will write the activities on the back of each the tags.  I plan to thread some ribbon though the tag’s hole and I will hang them on our giant pin board which we have in the hallway.

Time to get on with making the rest of the tags and deciding  upon the activities to go on the back of them.

A Saturday in October

Time is slipping away from me at the moment.  The beautiful weather has disappeared and I am now finding that I need to remind myself  to take my coat with me in the mornings. 

I am flat-out with work  and it is taking up a lot of my time and energy, so the weekends (at the moment) are becoming times to recover from the exertion of the week.  I barely have any time for getting my camera out, so no new photos this week yet.  Perhaps I need to be more disciplined with myself and allocate time to “get on” with the things that I am side lining, like my photography.  Maybe tomorrow.

Though I didn’t manage to use my camera today I did picked up The Telegraph this morning (I usually don’t buy newspapers) to grab myself a copy of the exclusive Cath Kidston “Make & Sew” booklets, which they are giving away this weekend.

Full of ideas and I am tempted with create a Cath Kidston Tote Bag (see on the front of the Part One) and the lavender (heart and bird shaped) bags.  Great gift ideas, though I always wonder whether my skills are good enough for creating gifts for people.  Confidence in my sewing skills probably need a boost.  I will keep you posted.