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Hovering visitors

I can’t believe it is August tomorrow, where has the month of July gone?  To be honest July has had fairly forgettable weather, but at least this month is on its way out with a blast of heat.  After a week of sunshine, the flowers are starting to blossom in the garden.

Hoverfly 03

I caught this hovering visitor to our flowers this morning, who danced amongst the different flower heads in the early sunshine.

Hoverfly 02

The garden has been left to its own devices over the last week, so it was lovely to explore what growth has occurred.

Hoverfly 01


Budding flowers

Budding flowers, originally uploaded by Chrissy Lewis’ Flickr.

First morning with bright blue skies and no rain for what it feels like weeks.

The garden is looking very green, with budding flowers appearing on plants.

iPhone Photo Friday 03

I have spent the week away, busy with a conference in Hatfield and training course near Oxford, which meant a lot of pack, unpacking and re-packing.  All this time away meant I spent the total of 18 hours at home.


During my time away I made new friends curtsy of @Roogly. Pedro and his two brothers, though unfortunately Pedro isn’t in this picture.  It also appears that one of these rascals stole my drink.


All this hard work, meant a well deserved drink at the end of the day.



Parisian postcard

I have recently taken to thumbing through the crates of old postcards at the local Oxfam shop after a couple of fabulous finds (read other related post: Thrifty Finds).

Parisian postcard

Just last week I found this mono Parisian postcard for 10p which I framed with an inexpensive frame I picked up from the market.  I am very pleased with the final result with is now sat on the window sill at the top of the landing.

Historic dockyard

At the beginning of last week we spent the day at The Historic Dockyard in Chatham for our fourth Leadership and Management Conference at work.

It was an amazing venue for our annual conference, though we didn’t get much time to explore around the dockyard.

One of our workshops was held on the mezzanine floor in 3 Slip, which is this amazing covered slip with this incredible roof space. 

Historic dockyard

At the end of the day we had celebratory drinks on HMS Gannet, a Victorian Royal Navy warship.

Histotric Warship

My first anniversary

This is my blog’s first year anniversary.  I can’t believe it’s been a year, one whole year.  That is 52 weeks or 365 days that this blog has been active (though I don’t post everyday).  So today I thought I would share some pictures from the last year.

East Wittering - Fishing nets

I have posted 245 times to this blog and received 6,164 views.  My busiest day was on 19 September 2010 and I have received 679 comments (thank you to everyone who has taken the time to stop and leave me a message).

Perfume Bottle

When I started this blog, I just wanted to see whether I could just do it and one year on I am still here (just).  I didn’t really know where I was really going with my blog, and some of my posts were probably a bit too random and didn’t really flow very well.  Over the year I think things have changed. I have tended to concentrate on my own photography and creative stuff more and more, even though I have less and less time.

Day 5 - Berries3

There are many things have changed over the last year and somethings that have stayed the same. 

So what will the next year hold for me? 

A question I can not possibly answer, but I know I want to live more deliberately.

iPhone Photo Friday 02

iPhone Photo Friday, so it’s time for me to upload me photos from my phone from this week. 

Costa coffee

It is one of our little pleasures on a Saturday afternoon is to enjoy a quick coffee and cake at Costa. We find a quiet little corner and sit and watch the world go by.

Recipe book

With a pudding party planned for Monday night, I spent the weekend flicking through recipes books looking for something easy to cook.

Seriously Rich Chocolate Cake

I found this delicious recipe for Seriously Rich Chocolate Cake.  It’s the first time I have ever cooked a cake that doesn’t have flour in it.