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Macro Friday: Week 74

Another hectic week behind me and I am slumped on the sofa catching up with the world. I have spent this week fighting of the onslaught of yet another cold or something, while the hubby is stilling trying get rid of the first bout of seasonal colds and infections with a second course of antibiotics.

Pretty little flowers 01

A week of very cold mornings, must the first week were I have had to actually de-ice my car in the morning.

Pretty little flowers 02

Sat in the warmth of my living room sorting through my photos from last Saturday, I thought would share these for Macro Friday over on Blogging from Bolivia.  Pretty little pink flowers and a bumble bees

Pretty little flowers 03



What a gorgeous morning, the sun is out and we have our first frost of Autumn.  We took a drive out to Polesden Lacey to wander around the gardens and grounds.

Autumn at Polesden 02

Even before we got into the gardens, there was a glorious display of rosehips(?) in the car park.   (My ability to recognise plants is very limited)

Autumn at Polesden 01

The colour is what autumn is all about, especially in the sunshine.

Autumn at Polesden 03

Autumn leaves

It going to be so difficult not to get use to this gorgeous weather.  Probably like most, I have had to dig out some of my summer clothing that I had stashed at the back of my wardrobe and re-do my toe-nails to make them presentable in flip-flops.

Despite this unseasonably warm weather, we have both been feeling below par with what would be normal seasonal coughs and colds. 

Autumn leaves 01

We planned a visit to Winkworth Arboretum to see the autumn colours, but I think nature has been confused and it doesn’t know whether it is coming or going.

Autumn leaves 02

In a very curtailed walk  we could see that some of the autumn colours are only just starting to appear.

Autumn fruit

Autumn is a upon us and we are enjoying some unseasonably warm weather in the south of England.  Just in case, I was tempted to forget it is actually autumn the evidence is in abundance and can be easily seen.

Our neighbour’s grapevine has been growing fast along the adjoining fence and has started to invade our garden, which means we now seeing bunches of ripening grapes appearing.

Autmun fruits

August Break Day 29 – Looking a gift horse

Afternoon tea for three at Hatchlands Park, followed by a stroll around some of the extensive parkland.

Foal 01

We discovered this darling little foal in one of adjoining fields.  She sheltered behind her mother for most of our visit.

Foal 02

August Break Day 27 – Thai Festival

Today was the second day of three-day Thailand Festival at Secretts in Milford.

Thai Festival 01

Thai Festival 07

Delicate parasols.

Thai Festival 06

Beautiful orchids in an array of colours.

Thai Festival 04

Lots of sumptuous and aromatic food being cooked.

Thai Festival 03

Thai Festival 05

August Break Day 26 – Making honeycomb

What a dreary and wet day.  It’s been just so depressing. So I thought I would cheer myself up by making some Honeycomb Toffee (sometimes called Hokey Pokey in Cornwall).

Honeycomb 01

I have never made Honeycomb before, but seeing it made in The Great British Bake Off on BBC One this week inspired me to have a go.

Honeycomb 02

I wouldn’t have attempted this recipe without recently being given this sugar and jam thermometer from my Dad.

Honeycomb 03

There are a number of recipes available on the internet for making Honeycomb Toffee, I eventually picked this one from Waitroses.  Or you could pick Nigella Lawson’s Hokey Pokey, just for the fab recipe name.

Honeycomb 04

To liven up the finish honeycomb I dipped them in melted chocolate.   What have you been doing this Friday?