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New Years Eve

Happy New Year to you all. 
May 2012 be peaceful and prosperous.


Another year almost gone, and a new one just around the corner.  Sadly we had to ditch our Christmas tree early due to possible pine tree allergens, though I have managed to keep the lights out.

(The beautiful candle lantern was a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law.)



Christmas wreath making

For the first time we have made our own Christmas wreath this year.

Christmas Wreath 001

Dried oranges and apples.

Christmas Wreath 002

Layered dried fruit.

Christmas Wreath 003

Cinnamon sticks tied together.

Christmas Wreath 004

Dried chillies

Christmas Wreath 005

We were so pleased with our efforts that we have hung it inside rather than on the front door.

Light in the darkness

With the gloomy wintry nights stretching out before us, it is so heart-warming to see all the wonderful Christmas lights lighting up the darkness in this season of advent .

Light in the darkness
“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light”

Lilies at Christmas

Flowers 01

Flowers 02

Pomegranate stars

Discovering Christmas in unusual places.

Pomegranates 02

Pink christmas pomegrate stars.

Pomegranates 01

The Tea Terrace

After a number of unsuccessful attempts to find somewhere to have afternoon tea today, we suddenly had the brain-wave to visit the Tea Terrace in the House of Fraser in Guildford. It’s been years since I have been there. In fact my husband had a job convincing me that we had been there before.

03 Decemeber 2011 01

The Tea Terrace is situated on the fifth floor of the department store, and the view looking up from the ground floor is spectacular.  Each of the floors has lights cascading over the balcony edges.

03 Decemeber 2011 02

I am not a fan of tea but I love the tradition and the rigmarole. The best bit about it, is the cake or more especially the scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam.