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A touch of dutch

Sharing a little touch of dutch today from the Tulip Festival at  Polesden Lacey (which run from mid-April to early May).

Tulips 01

Inspired by photographs friends have been sharing of their recent trip to Holland and not to left out in sharing in the colour and beauty of this springs tulips I grabbed a couple of picture with my mobile phone.

Tulips 02

With all the strange weather we have been having, not all the tulips are out so there is probably much more to see from this festival of flowers.

Tulips 03

We were also very lucky not to get caught in the rain, enjoying a pleasant stroll around the gardens.

Tulips 04


One egg or two

Another grey and slightly damp weekend in Surrey, providing a lack lust end to my week off.  I suggested a wander round Godalming instead of one of our usual haunts.  

One egg 01 
Godalming is such a pretty little town and has been used as filming location in the film The Holiday (with Cameron Diaz and Jude Law).   We ended up browsing around a couple of local charity shops, mainly looking through their book stock (occupational hazard I suppose you could say). 

Anyway, I spotted this little wire basket perched on one of the shelves in Oxfam for the bargain price of £1.49.  

One egg 02

I couldn’t resist and now is it sitting proudly on my kitchen window sill. I haven’t quite decided whether to keep eggs in it or not. 

Also purchased a stainless steel milk jug, which took my husbands fancy.


Magnolias at the Radcliffe

07 April 019-01a

I have been desperate to get my camera out this spring to try to capture the magnolia blooms, but up until now I haven’t managed to.  Todays trip Oxford presented me with a perfect opportunity, these gorgeous blooms with the Radcliffe Camera in the background.  It couldn’t get any better.

Good Friday walk

We took a lovely long walk along the canal this afternoon.  It’s been such a long time since we have been down there.  It was busy on the canal with people out either on their narrow boats or walking or cycling along the tow path.

Canal Walk 01

Starting our walk at Bower Lock, we walked north towards Send.  Walking along side Sutton Place, it was quite surprising to see one of the water meadows completely flooded despite the south east being in drought.

Spring yellow

Yellow flowers

A sunny but chilly start to Sunday.   Spring is certainly here!

Easter is just around the corner and I am decorating the house with these beautiful bright yellow blossoms.