Eliza’s Tea Room & Gift Shop

After picking our own plums at Secretts (PYO) we stopped off at this busy little tea room situated at Hurst Farm in Milford.

Eliza’s Room & Gift shop has been refurbished and is now under new management by the owners of Butter and Cream who are responsible for a fabulous range of cakes and cupcakes.

With that in mind we just had to order an Oreo and a Salted Caramel cupcake, which meant blowing my diet of avoiding bad/empty carbs, wheat and sugar.

Eliza's Tea Room

Eliza's Tea Room


Nest Café, Ripley

A stylish boutique and lifestyle café set in the picturesque village of Ripley, Surrey.

Nest Café, Ripley

Nest Home & Cafe offers visitors a classical escape from the hum-drum where you can sit and watch the world go by over cappuccino and a slice of their “life-changing” cake in their beautifully designed and decorated interior or outside on their terrace.

Nest Café, Ripley

Otherwise you can allow yourself to be mesmerised by the wonderful selection of antique furniture, tableware, home-ware and gifts that the shop has to offer.

Nest Café, Ripley

Which you can browse to your hearts content.

Nest Café, Ripley

Everything is delightfully served on handmade bohemian inspired dinner and glassware from Juliska ceramics (which is impossible not to fall in love with). The elegantly rustic Juliska ceramics and glassware are one for my wish list.

Nest Café, Ripley

We can highly recommend the cakes and the pastries (especially the Almond Croissant or Lemon and Pistachio cake ), but no cake for us this time.

Nest Café, Ripley

The Aubergine Café, West Kirby

Set in a sleepy side street called Crescent Walk in the coastal town of West Kirby on north-west corner of the Wirral Peninsula, the Aubergine Café is one of those wonderful cafés that you can’t help be keeping going back to again and again.

The Aubergine Cafe (image via Trip Advisor)

It warm, welcoming and friendly café, were the staff know their regular customers and chat to them like old acquaintances.

The Aubergine Café

Charmingly decorated with whimsical wall plaques espousing life mottos and saccharin wisdom and beautiful ornaments and china.

The Aubergine Café

The Aubergine Café

We opted to sit inside, and not brave the wet weather by sitting out side in the covered area… despite the cozy and inviting look of the wicker furniture with its luxurious array of cushions and rugs.

Our lunch time visit was a much welcome break after our wild coastal walk from Moreton/Leasowe. We were spoilt for choice and in the end I opted for Grilled Goats Cheese on ciabatta with onion chutney
The Aubergine Café

while my husband plumed for the Club sandwich.

The Aubergine Café

Great wholesome food in generous portions, filling the hungry amongst us. I was tempted by the Soup Sandwich combo which as Sweet Potato with Ginger and Lime.

Despite my every effort to be good and not over indulge, we couldn’t resist a slice of chocolate cake to share (a small compromise on not having cake or having a piece each). Again the choices exceed my imagination.
The Aubergine Café

Altered poppies

Altered poppies

The Guildford Castle gardens are a riot of colour at the moment, with a plethora of poppies in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I.

The image has been altered (accidentally) to give the impression of an illustration rather than a traditional photograph.

The old gate

The Old Gate

Lying on it side, abandoned and decaying, this old gate is no longer doing what it was built for.

Has it served its purpose? Is it no longer of any use?




Jane Wright – photgrapher

When in Lincoln, I came across the fabulous work of a local photographer Jane Wright in one of the gallery shops along Steep Street.

Jane is a fine art photographer based in Lincoln and she captures themes around found items, urban desolation, city details and wild landscapes.  In part of her artistic statement  she states what is important to her “beauty, discovery, serendipity, signs that something’s happened”.

The following photograph “Still Together” captures two dilapidated matching chairs which made me think of a old married couple who have stayed together through thick and thin.

It was one of my favourite and so I picked up a greetings card with the image on it and will be framing  it for display.

Still Together by Jane Wright

Belton house

Belton House is a country estate of Brownlow and Cust familes  and is located near Grantham. The house was built between 1685 to 1688 by Sir John Brownlow and has remained in the family until the National Trust took ownership in 1984.

Belton House 1

Surprisingly I didn’t recognise the house, despite being an avid fan of the BBC’s adaptation of Helen Creswell’s spooky Moondial from 1988.

Belton House 2

The West Entrance to Belton House.

Belton House 3

Statues in the West entrance court yard.

Belton House 4

We took the “Below Stairs Tours” which provide a fascinating insight into the lives of the servant at Belton House during the 1900s and is must for any Downtown Abbey fans.