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Lost button

Lost Button

Foggy start to Sunday and it has remained foggy.  Hauled up on the sofa this afternoon watching Miss Marple’s – Murder is Announced while enjoying our lunch. 

Before lunch I made a brief foray into the garden with my camera and discovered this forlorn little red  button lying amongst the fallen leaves and debris .  



Taste of Christmas

Made a wonderful visit to Secretts for their Taste of Christmas event, which is being held over this weekend in Milford.

Does turkish delight remind you of Christmas?

Turkish Delight 01

Initially, it is not the first thing I think about, when I think of Christmas.

Turkish Delight 02

I suppose the memory of my mum, who loved turkish delight, links  the two together,  as I would regularly make one of my Christmas gifts to her a box of turkish delight.

Illustration by Pauline Baynes

There is also C.S.Lewis’ book The Lion, the Witch and Wardrobe, were the White Witch, who is holds Narnia in winter’s grip but it is never Christmas, on meeting Edmund (a son of Adam) for the first time offers him turkish delight to bribe him into trusting her.

Of course Edmund hasn’t got a clue who she is, and being a greedy child accepts the sweets she is offering him.  In all honesty, I would probably do the same.


Cooking with garlic tonight, with little opportunity to do much of anything over the last five days I thought I would grab this picture.


Reusing books as art

I love where I work, you get pieces of 3D art work, like this, created by the students decorating our corridors.

Reusing books as art 01

I love they have used old, damaged and discarded books to create something new.   Perhaps as a librarian I shouldn’t approve, but I so do.

Reusing books as art 02

5th November

Remember, remember the 5th of November and another year on and I still have the same camera. 

05 November 08

Some pictures  from my attempt to capture the amazing and fantastic fireworks from tonight’s local display.

05 November 09

Spectaluar colours, especially love the orange in these pictures.

05 November 07

More pictures via Flickr