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Off shore {038/365}

The weather has continued to be kind to us so far over this bank holiday weekend, so we took a stroll out round the coast line earlier today (me with my camera in hand).

West Kirby 003


St Martha {037/365}

We couldn’t resist make the most of this gorgeous weather on this bank  holiday Monday.   After much debate this morning about what we were going to do, we finally decided to go for a walk along the Surrey Hills with the promise of a visit to a coffee shop afterwards.

We parked up near Chantry Woods again and walked up through the woods towards St Martha on the Hill.   St Martha’s is mid-C19th church built on the site of an old Saxon church.

St Martha {037/365} 02

In all the time I have lived in the area, I have never visited this pretty little church set in beautiful woodland, with amazing views.  On a clear day, you are supposed to be able to see eight counties from up on the hill.

St Martha {037/365} 05

The small grave yard has a number of these stunning celtic gravestone scattered around the churchyard. 

St Martha {037/365} 07

Here are some pictures from our exploration of the inside of this atmospheric Surrey church.

St Martha {037/365} 08

St Martha {037/365} 09

St Martha {037/365} 10

White and Blue {036/365}

Happy Easter to everyone!
I hope you have had a peaceful Sunday and a chance to relax and unwind.

After a quiet and dull start this morning, the sun is now shining and it is turned into yet another beautiful and very warm spring afternoon. Took a moment this afternoon to grab my camera and pop out into the garden to capture more of the wild flowers that have taken root in our borders. (We would be sat out in the garden but the neighbours are creosoting their fences this afternoon and the smell is terrible.)

White and Blue {036/365} 01

I have no idea what these semi patriotic flowers are (all we are missing are some red ones), but they keep appearing in and around our garden. Any ideas?

White and Blue {036/365} 02

Dandelion {035/365}

We have done very little to our garden and it is probably beginning to show, especially in the plants and weeds that are growing everywhere. The garden is slowing being taken over and not in a good way.

With very little breeze around, many of the dandelions still have a full head of seeds and the temptation to blow the seeds is great. 

Dandelion {035/365}

We used to play a game as children with dandelions. You would see how many times it took you to blow away all the seeds away and this would (in theory) tell you what time it was.

Macro Friday {034/365}

Collected during my recent walks in Northumberland and Surrey.

Macro Friday {034/365} a

Macro Friday {034/365} b

Bluebells {033/365}

It’s spring and the bluebells are appearing in the woods in and round Surrey. So this morning we made a visit to Chantry Woods  to try to capture some of the beauty of spring.

Chantry Woods 03

The woods were carpeted with these gorgeous little blue flowers, though I am not sure my little digital camera was able to fully capture the stunning colours.

Chantry Woods 04

I found it incredibly difficult to capture a decent close-up shot of these flowers.

Chantry Woods 02

Views from around Newcastle {031/365}

We had a wonderful opporunity today to walk around Newcastle-upon-Tyne exploring the buildings, bridges and stairways.

Newcastle 001 {031/365}

Newcastle 002 {031/365}

Newcastle 003 {031/365}

Newcastle 004 {031/365}