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Sovereign orange and black

Walking through the humid hot houses we were surrounded by stunning colour and movement.

Sovereign orange and black 01

Yellows, greens and blues fluttered past.

Sovereign orange and black 02

But it was the sovereign orange and black colours of the Monarch butterflies that really captured our attention.

Sovereign orange and black 03

These butterflies were everywhere.

Sovereign orange and black 04

Butterfly World at Studley Grange in Wiltshire.


Signs of Cirencester

Signs of Cirencester 01

Signs of Cirencester 02

We enjoyed a wonderful outing to the beautiful Cotswolds market town of Cirencester in the county of Gloucestershire. 

This is truly a picturesque town with so much to see and to please the eye.  Disappointingly we were only able to spend a couple of hours here, so this will be somewhere to visit again.

Tiffin Tea Rooms

A civilised afternoon out in the Georgian town of Alresford in Hampshire, with lunch at Tiffin Tea Rooms.

Tiffin Tea Rooms 01

This gorgeous tea room with its delicate cream and blue china inspired decoration is a pretty little…

Tiffin Tea Rooms 04

…escape for home-baked cakes (just like your mother made) and award-winning speciality teas or even homemade lemon aid.  (I can highly recommend the Chocolate cake.)

Tiffin Tea Rooms 03

The tea rooms has been awarded The Tea Guild’s Award of Excellence three years in a row (2010, 2011 & 2012), so this is a definite destination for the tea drinking connoisseur.

Tiffin Tea Rooms 02

Coffee day

A lazy day of  frequenting coffee shops.

Coffee days 01

Coffee days 02

First stop was Viva in Dorking.   A wonderfully modern restaurant on West Street, where we enjoyed a morning coffee.  Disappointingly we had already had breakfast, because the food looked fantastic.

Coffee days 03

After a failed expedition to Ripley for “afternoon tea”, we ended up in the ubiquitous Costa.

New lavender seedlings


With the briefest of sunshine today, I have finally managed to plant my new lavender seedlings out in their container. 

I have longed for lavender in my garden for many years.  Probably yearning back to my childhood when there was lavender in my Dads’s garden.  So when my very kind friend Michelle was offering some of her seedlings, I really couldn’t resist.

On reflection

On reflection

What do you reflect on? 
Your life, your loves, your work, your performance or maybe your appearance?

I am really looking forward to another week off before the start of the new academic year.  Time to stop and take stock before I launch myself head long into another year.   Time to breath and enjoy time at home.  Time to reflect on the year gone by and to think about what I would like to achieve in 2012-2013!


I have my eye on you

I have my eye on you

I am watching your every move. I see what you do and where you go. You are never out of my sight.

This beautiful and graceful creature was on display at RHS Wisely as part of a Birds of Prey exhibition.