Monthly Archives: September 2011

Autumn fruit

Autumn is a upon us and we are enjoying some unseasonably warm weather in the south of England.  Just in case, I was tempted to forget it is actually autumn the evidence is in abundance and can be easily seen.

Our neighbour’s grapevine has been growing fast along the adjoining fence and has started to invade our garden, which means we now seeing bunches of ripening grapes appearing.

Autmun fruits


September flowers

Autumn is fast approaching and the nights are starting to draw in.

September flowers 01

Autumn flowers are in abundance and are stunningly beautiful.

September flowers 01

Views from Dublin

I had the marvelous opportunity to visit Dublin in connection with my job.  Though I didn’t have much opporuntiy to use my camera I was able to get a few captures.

A busy Dublin street

Dublin 01

The Temple Bar

Dublin 02

 Live music

Dublin 03

Man feels time

Dublin 05

Views from August

The weather has held me back today from getting out and about with my camera, so I have installed myself on the sofa going through some of the photos I have taken through-out August.  So here are a couple of views from August.

Secretts 01

Winkworth 01