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Love #2013PAD

Last day of January, hasn’t time really flown this year?  With February just a stone’s throw away, is “love” on anyone’s mind?

I am looking for creative ideas for Valentine’s Day that won’t cost the earth.  Perhaps a home-made card and gift for my patient husband.  Have you got any good ideas you could share with me?

I really need to think this through and ensure I leave myself with enough time to complete the task I seem to have set myself.


Running late

Running late #2013PAD

Planned on doing only about hours work this evening, but I have over run slightly and  probably should have finished ages ago.

Oh well, there is a little time left to relax and chill out before I go to bed. Perhaps catch up with something on the V+ box.





Harbour #2013PAD


What a difference a day makes?  Blues skies, bright sunshine and warmer weather.  We travelled down to Portsmouth Harbour by train, had lunch on the quay side at Fire & Stone and did a little shopping for some much needed party wear.

The habour provide me with a great opportunity capture some pictures and to play with a newly discovered function on my camera called Mini or Emphasize.

Chilling out at Nest

Picturesque afternoon tea at Nest Home & Cafe in Ripley. This gorgeous lifestyle shop and cafe combo is a completely delightful destination in Surrey with plenty of warmth, character and charm.

Chilling out at Nest 01

Of course, afternoon tea isn’t complete without a slice of home-made cake and who could resist these totally tempting and tasty cakes.  Lemon and Pistachio for me and, an old favourite, Carrot cake for my husband.  It wasn’t long before our stylish plates were empty.

Chilling out at Nest 02

Nest Café uses these elegantly rustic Juliska ceramics and glassware, which are  available to purchase allowing you to take a little bit of the style-experience home with you.

Chilling out at Nest 04

Despite the heaters and cozy Nest blankets, no one was brave enough to sit outside this afternoon.

Chilling out at Nest 05

We were very happy with our window seat, which provided a perfect place to watch the world go by.

No. 2 Church Street

No. 2 Church Street #2013PAD

A couple of days off to relax and recover after a busy couple of weeks. A chance to spend some quality time at home and maybe even time to do a bit more photography.

Time for dinner

Enjoying a meal out, just the two of us.  Nothing like a curry to warm your frozen extremities.

Time for dinner #2013PAD