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Guiding light

What guides you through the storms of life?    What is your guiding light when things get tough?

Be my guiding light

I have always had a fascination for lighthouses.  There is something bold and strong and unmoveable about lighthouses.   A refuge, a place of safety that warns others of danger in the darkness.


B&W Wednesdays

I almost forgot about B&W Wednesdays, which I discover via Laura’s Blogging from Bolivia.   B&W Wednesdays  is run by Lisa via her blog The Long Road to China

 This classic car just looks perfect in black and white.

B&W Wednesday 001

the long road

The remains of summer

There seems to be a number of things from the summer that are hanging around the kitchen and hallway at the moment.  The best way to describe what I am talking about is summer holiday ephemera.  The stuff that isn’t intended to be kept.

Perhaps it demonstrates that I am not a perfectionist when it comes to tidying and cleaning the house, nor will I ever be. My invitations to friends are alway prefix with “you will have to take us as you find us“.   While my husband says he wants to live a home and not a show house  (probably just as well).

Anyway on wandering around the kitchen this evening, I discovered these little treasures stowed  away by my step-daughter for safe keeping.

Summer Holiday Ephemera 001

We did a day trip to London which included a visit to the Tate Modern.  Stopping at their cafe for refreshments we found all their branded cups and sugar sachets, which I think someone took a shine to. 

Summer Holiday Ephemera 002

There is now a growing collection of sugar sachets, which seem to breed on the bread bin.  Because every time I walk past they seem to have multiplied.

Summer Holiday Ephemera 003

I tend to collect things that I can store easily, preferably flat, like postcards, napkins or train tickets.  What (ephemera) do you keep and collect?

Pink lilies

It’s Tuesday evening and I am just slobbed out on the sofa catching up with all my favourite blogs and checking all the recent up-loads from my contacts on Flickr, while The Day of the Jackal is playing on the TV.

This time of year is always very hectic for me, and trying to find time and space to be creative is proving to be a bit of a challenge, especially when the light is fading fast. In fact I feel like I haven’t done much of anything recently. So I have raided my photos from earlier this year to find something to share with you here.

These pink lilies were simply gorgeous, and given as a thank you gift from someone I work with.

Pink Lilies 02

Pink Lilies 01


More autumn fruits

I have been a bit more adventurous with trying different fruit and produce this year and capturing them with my trusty camera.   I love these Greengages especially the fresh green colouring.  

Autumn fruits 01

On my hunt for autumn fruits I stumbled upon the Cobnut.  I had not heard of them before, so when I found them in the supermarket I was tempted to give them a try. They are apprently a cultivated variety of hazelnut. 

Autumn fruits 02

Macro Friday

A day late with this week’s Macro Friday photo.  This weeks picture captures Autumn for me. 

In case you haven’t worked out what it is, it is a Horse Chestnut in it’s shell.   The conkers are everywhere at the moment, littering the gutters and the pavements.



 There are just somethings that will always cheer you up and cupcakes are one of them.  These gorgeous cakes weren’t baked by me but by my step-daughter in Hospitality (what ever happened to Home Ec?)  More than anything I love the sprinkles.

Cupcakes 01Cupcakes 02