Monthly Archives: March 2011

Late arrivals {024/365}

A late arrival in our garden this spring.  Most of the daffs have been out for over month here, but this one has only just appeared in one of our tubs in the garden this week.

Late arrivals {024/365}


Anyone for tea? {023/365}

It feels like I have away for age, as I have been so busy with work. Tonight is the first time I sat down in over week to have some me time and catch up with my blog.

I was pottering around the house, looking for inspiration and I noticed that my hubby had laid out his tea-tray for the morning.   He like a pot of tea first thing in the morning, which he brings back to bed with him.

Anyone for tea? {023/365}

The cup and the milk jug were a little present from me to match the Price & Kensington teapot we were given as a wedding present.

Eat more fruit {022/365}

I need to eat more fruit, I just love the colour of these plums.

Eat more fruit {022/365}


To night the moon was the closest it has been to the Earth in two decades, making it appear brighter and wider.  A phenomenon called ‘lunar perigree’ or ‘supermoon’.

I only had my little Nikon digital camera and a tripod and this was the best I was able to do through the trees in our back garden.


Spring blossoms {021/365}

I have had so little opportunity to get outside and enjoy the arrival of spring this week, that when I woke to the glorious sunshine this morning I knew that I had to grab my chance and my camera. 

These delicate pink and white spring blossoms have been out for almost a week, with some of the blossom already falling onto the pavements.

Spring blossoms {021/365}

A slice of blue {020/365}

A surprising slice of blue in one of our patio tubs, these bluebells have appeared from nowhere.

A slice of blue {020/365}

Amaryllis revival {019/365}

After my failure with my orchids which haven’t flowered in the last two years,  I have been really surprised by my Amaryllis which has beautifully bloomed again.

Amaryllis revival {019/365}