Black and White Sunday

Another weekend has flown by, and I have barely picked up my camera.  So as I have a couple of minutes while Sunday lunch I though I would try to capture something for November in Black and White.

NiBW - Bracelet 02

This is one of my favourite bracelets, though completely impractical to wear everyday as it bangs and clangs against the desk and keyboard.

NiBW -  Bracelet 01

I have really enjoyed participating in Justine’s November in Black and White, which I can’t believe is coming to a close shortly.  It has given me a real appreciation of capturing in black and white.


5 responses to “Black and White Sunday

  1. Wow, such great shots, Chrissy, and a really beautiful bracelet!

  2. Excellent macro shots. I love the detail and intricacy. These are great in black & white.

  3. this is a really pretty bracelet and perfect for black and white, I love the details you have captured in both these shots. I can’t believe November is nearly over, so glad you have enjoyed your black and white month, are you doing picture holidays in December?

    • Hi Justine

      Thank you for hosting November in Black and White. It been a fab time sharing the experience of capturing in black and white.

      Not sure what do in December. I have signed up for #reverb10 for daily December prompts which I think should be fun. How about youself? Any ideas for December.

  4. These are just gorgeous!!

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