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Survived another year

Survived another year, roughing it under canvas in Somerset.  Even though I had a fabulous week, I do have to confess that I am delighted to be home with all my creature comforts.  It is amazing what we take for granted.  Camping for this annual festival is very basic, with none of the plush facilities you may normally expect at a fully functioning camp site.  So you really are roughing it.   I am not a natural camper, I think I am a bit too soft.  I just don’t do mud, grass and creepy crawlies.

When I was a kid, I always wanted a camp tent, I longed for one.  I was probably influenced by reading too many Famous Five or Secret Seven stories.  So one Christmas my desire was fulfilled in the form of brown and yellow four-man tent.  Summers were spent playing in the tent, and very occasionally camping out in the back garden for a night.  Though often we didn’t actually survive the night, and would creep back into the house to find a our warm beds.

My favourite Famous Five book actually does not involve camping. The book Five go down to the Sea, which was originally published in 1953, follows the adventures of Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog, as they arrive in a desolate  farm in Cornwall for a holiday and they stumble upon mystery and intrigue surrounding their hosts and rumours of smugglers.

Despite the roughing it, I was able to take some lovely photographs on our visit to Wells.  So I hope to be able to share some of them here soon.

Image from : Dublin Opinion


A nude winter is coming…

Alia Coat from Autumn/Winter 2010 collection from Coast

Letters and hearts





From top left: Personalised Alphabet Art Print (£35.00) from NotontheHighStreet; Single Message Pebble (£6.85) from NotontheHighStreet ; Heart Slate Chalkboard (£12.50) from Mit Hus; East of India Greetings Card (£2.50) from Temptation Gifts

French boudoir inspiration

Beautiful boudoir inspiration…

Images from The French Furniture Company and Great Interior Design

A little something for the weekend

Easter 2010 079, originally uploaded by Chrissy Lewis’ Flickr.

Before I disappear into the wilds of Somerset for a week of roughing it, I wanted to share this beautiful picture I took at RHS Wisley at Easter.

There is nothing so pretty as pale pinks illuminating the bare spring branches on a cold but sunny day.

What a beautiful world we live in!

Mirror mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Image from Toast’s High Summer Catalogue

Festival Camping

Planning your packing for festival camping require a lot of fore-thought and, of course, a little guess-work.  There are all the basics you need like the tent, torch, the air bed and sleeping bags etc.  Then there are the clothes.  Clothes  for cold or wet weather, clothes that will keep you cool when the weather warms up.   But there are always those other essentials that you need to take with you.  Here are my eight essentials for festival camping… 

Festival Camping, originally uploaded by Chrissy Lewis’ Flickr.

 My essentials include from top left: my Moroccan Stetson (from Accessorize); my polka-dot wellies (which I bought in Wells last year because it got so muddy); sunglasses; flip-flops; latest copy of Ideal Home magazine; a picnic blanket (from Sainsburys); No7  Nail Varnish (from Boots) and sun cream (Nivea).

Or you can get help from this website The Ultimate Festival Kit – Festival Survival Kits and Essentials who offer pre-packed festival survival kits containing small essentials.

Just stumbled upon Monsoon Accessorize – Festival page, which is full of great trendy accessories for all festival goers.  I especially like their Union Jack Wellies