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Street art in North Norfolk

Street Art in North Norfolk

Street Art in North Norfolk

From our wanderings around North Norfolk in August, from street walls to beach huts.


Picking Our Own at Secretts

We are finally mobile again after almost an eon of relaying on my unreliable nine-year old car, which meant a relaxing drive down to Milford to do a little Pick Your Own at Secretts.

PYO at Secretts 01

You can’t beat picking your own fruit. There is something just fantastically worthwhile about eating fruit you have collected yourself.

PYO at Secretts 03

The plums are our favourites, but we were probably a little too early to pick a decent amount, though it looks like they will have a decent crop once they ripen a bit more. I can see another trip down there in a couple of weeks time.

PYO at Secretts 04

There were many themed scarecrows but my favourite had to be the Tinman (from the Wizard of Oz).

PYO at Secretts 05

After picking a huge punnet of strawberries to go with our meagre plums, we wandered back past the sunflowers.