White and Blue {036/365}

Happy Easter to everyone!
I hope you have had a peaceful Sunday and a chance to relax and unwind.

After a quiet and dull start this morning, the sun is now shining and it is turned into yet another beautiful and very warm spring afternoon. Took a moment this afternoon to grab my camera and pop out into the garden to capture more of the wild flowers that have taken root in our borders. (We would be sat out in the garden but the neighbours are creosoting their fences this afternoon and the smell is terrible.)

White and Blue {036/365} 01

I have no idea what these semi patriotic flowers are (all we are missing are some red ones), but they keep appearing in and around our garden. Any ideas?

White and Blue {036/365} 02


2 responses to “White and Blue {036/365}

  1. love your white and blue, shame about your neighbours over Easter!

  2. I’ve no idea what these flowers are called (I must admit that I’m not very good at flower names) but there are so beautiful! I’m sorry you couldn’t enjoy the sunny day in your garden!

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