Best of British {030/365}

Can I confess something?

I am really looking forward to Royal Wedding at the end of the month.  I remember watching the royal wedding in 1981 of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, and being enthralled by the fairytale at the time.  I think everyone was captured by the event. 

Our street had a street party to celebrate the Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s marriage and the road was decorated with the obligatory red, white and blue bunting. Unfortunately, my brother and I missed the street party as both so unwell at the time and weren’t allowed out of the house.  We did receive a commemorative mug which contain sweets in it.

We haven’t heard of any street parties being arranged in the local area (but hearing about all the red tape the organisers have to go through to arrange a street party, I can see how off-putting it might be). So we have decided to organise a BBQ for family and friends.   We have already bought some bunting for decorating our garden.

I love all the British/London cool themed accessories that have come on the market, no doubt in response to the big occasion.  Have a look at this collection of snaps I grabbed while visiting Fenwick’s department store this week.

Best of British 01 {030/365}

I especially love the Scottie and Bulldog door stops, I was so tempted to purchase one for these for the back door so I can prop it open.

Best of British 02 {030/365}

I couldn’t help but capture these further two displays based around the Best of British and the “Keep Calm” themes.


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