St Martha {037/365}

We couldn’t resist make the most of this gorgeous weather on this bank  holiday Monday.   After much debate this morning about what we were going to do, we finally decided to go for a walk along the Surrey Hills with the promise of a visit to a coffee shop afterwards.

We parked up near Chantry Woods again and walked up through the woods towards St Martha on the Hill.   St Martha’s is mid-C19th church built on the site of an old Saxon church.

St Martha {037/365} 02

In all the time I have lived in the area, I have never visited this pretty little church set in beautiful woodland, with amazing views.  On a clear day, you are supposed to be able to see eight counties from up on the hill.

St Martha {037/365} 05

The small grave yard has a number of these stunning celtic gravestone scattered around the churchyard. 

St Martha {037/365} 07

Here are some pictures from our exploration of the inside of this atmospheric Surrey church.

St Martha {037/365} 08

St Martha {037/365} 09

St Martha {037/365} 10


2 responses to “St Martha {037/365}

  1. Wonderful Christy! This is such a beautiful church and it really looks like a perfect day! Have a great week!

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