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Belton house

Belton House is a country estate of Brownlow and Cust familes  and is located near Grantham. The house was built between 1685 to 1688 by Sir John Brownlow and has remained in the family until the National Trust took ownership in 1984.

Belton House 1

Surprisingly I didn’t recognise the house, despite being an avid fan of the BBC’s adaptation of Helen Creswell’s spooky Moondial from 1988.

Belton House 2

The West Entrance to Belton House.

Belton House 3

Statues in the West entrance court yard.

Belton House 4

We took the “Below Stairs Tours” which provide a fascinating insight into the lives of the servant at Belton House during the 1900s and is must for any Downtown Abbey fans.


Old signs

Walking around Lincoln it is hard to miss the cobbled, nostalgic Steep Street. The street certainly lives up to its name, being a 1 in 7 gradient, which meant a bit of huffing and puffing as we slowly made our way up. At least there were plenty of shop windows to stragetically stop in front of and peer into.

Steep Street 1

Steep Street is full of independent shops, tea rooms and pubs as well as historic buildings with the top of the hill leading to the entrance of the magnificent Lincoln Cathedral.

Steep Street 5

Half way up the hill was this lovely little Antiques Centre which caught my attention with all these vintage signs outside the shop.

Steep Street 2

I couldn’t walk past with out capturing this typical railway sign from Midlands Railway (1899).

Steep Street 3

An antique Wills’s Gold Flake cigarette advertising enamel sign.

Steep Street 4

Antique Sunlight Soap enamel advertising sign.

Put the wind in your sails

Time to brush the bank holiday cobwebs away with a walk over to Bidston Hill to the Bidston Windmill.

Bidston Windmill

There has been a windmill on this site for nearly 400 years. The current brick windmill replaced a wooden peg mill which was destoryed in gales in 1791.


Mr Tumnus

Mr Tumnus

“Excuse me—I don’t want to be inquisitive—but should I be right in thinking that you are a Daughter of Eve?”

Red doors

The Red Doors

To get away from the computer, we drove out to Winchester and spent a lovely afternoon wandering round one of our favourite cities exploring second-hand bookshops and sampling the delights of boutique cafe Ginger Two for Tea, which is obviously a very popular destination for locals and visitos alike.   But a trip to Winchester is not complete without visiting the cathedral, and capturing a picture of the red doors.


With it being so crazy, mad busy at work at the moment it has amazed me that I even found an opportunity to grab this picture on the way out of work. 

Illuminated #2013PAD

No tripod, so I was pleased I was able to capture a reasonably in focus shot, though it is a little grainy due to the high ISO.

Spiralling upwards

Away from my desk today for a meeting up in London at the LSE library.   

Spiralling upwards

In the central atrium of this impressive library building is this stunning spiral staircase.