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The Aubergine Café, West Kirby

Set in a sleepy side street called Crescent Walk in the coastal town of West Kirby on north-west corner of the Wirral Peninsula, the Aubergine Café is one of those wonderful cafés that you can’t help be keeping going back to again and again.

The Aubergine Cafe (image via Trip Advisor)

It warm, welcoming and friendly café, were the staff know their regular customers and chat to them like old acquaintances.

The Aubergine Café

Charmingly decorated with whimsical wall plaques espousing life mottos and saccharin wisdom and beautiful ornaments and china.

The Aubergine Café

The Aubergine Café

We opted to sit inside, and not brave the wet weather by sitting out side in the covered area… despite the cozy and inviting look of the wicker furniture with its luxurious array of cushions and rugs.

Our lunch time visit was a much welcome break after our wild coastal walk from Moreton/Leasowe. We were spoilt for choice and in the end I opted for Grilled Goats Cheese on ciabatta with onion chutney
The Aubergine Café

while my husband plumed for the Club sandwich.

The Aubergine Café

Great wholesome food in generous portions, filling the hungry amongst us. I was tempted by the Soup Sandwich combo which as Sweet Potato with Ginger and Lime.

Despite my every effort to be good and not over indulge, we couldn’t resist a slice of chocolate cake to share (a small compromise on not having cake or having a piece each). Again the choices exceed my imagination.
The Aubergine Café


Chilling out at Nest

Picturesque afternoon tea at Nest Home & Cafe in Ripley. This gorgeous lifestyle shop and cafe combo is a completely delightful destination in Surrey with plenty of warmth, character and charm.

Chilling out at Nest 01

Of course, afternoon tea isn’t complete without a slice of home-made cake and who could resist these totally tempting and tasty cakes.  Lemon and Pistachio for me and, an old favourite, Carrot cake for my husband.  It wasn’t long before our stylish plates were empty.

Chilling out at Nest 02

Nest Café uses these elegantly rustic Juliska ceramics and glassware, which are  available to purchase allowing you to take a little bit of the style-experience home with you.

Chilling out at Nest 04

Despite the heaters and cozy Nest blankets, no one was brave enough to sit outside this afternoon.

Chilling out at Nest 05

We were very happy with our window seat, which provided a perfect place to watch the world go by.

Time for dinner

Enjoying a meal out, just the two of us.  Nothing like a curry to warm your frozen extremities.

Time for dinner #2013PAD

Whole cloves

Up at the crack of dawn to do our Christmas food shopping. I had prepared my shopping list the night before to ensure that we didn’t forget anything. I even checked it twice.

Whole cloves

But for some reason I thought we already whole cloves for the Bread Sauce. So after a second trip to the supermarket and  a little bit of searching I finally found this forgotten ingredient.

Christmas baking

Tis the season for Christmas baking, though not actually by me as I don’t seem to have spare time at the moment.

Christmas baking 01

But I certainly seem to find the time to eat the results from the baking sessions at home.

Christmas baking 02

These very yummy Christmas Cupcakes  recipe came from Next 100 Irresistible Cupcakes.  The cupcakes have the addition ingredient of ground almonds to give them their festive taste.

Christmas baking 03

These shortbread biscuits are made by adding cinnamon to a basic shortbread recipe, cutting them into seasonal shapes (such as bells, stars) and decorating with traditional red and green colours.

Christmas baking 04


After being unwell over the last week, it feels like I have been away for an absolute age.  I haven’t been outside for nearly a week, so I have no chance of taking any pictures.

Today is my first chance to catch up and share some of my pictures from last Saturdays trip to Wiltshire.  We enjoyed a sumptuous meal at the Ship Inn in a picturesque village of Burcombe.

Lunch 01

I had deep-fried baby goats cheese with a tomato and chilli chutney, followed by homemade fish cakes, herbed fries, mixed leaves and house tartare, beautifully present on black or slate plates.

In an effort to walk off our indulgent lunch we had a lovely wonder this beautiful old romanesque church.

Church 01

The church was as beautiful inside as it was outside, and it was just as cold (if not colder).

Church 02

Day Twenty One – Flavour

There are many things that give ‘flavour’ to life.

My life has been flavoured by having great parents and wonder brother who truly knows who I am and love me unconditionally, supportive friends who have stood-by me even when the going gets tough and living and experiencing life in all it’s glories and it’s tragedies too.

But how to record flavour as a theme for The August Break was a difficult challenge during a difficult day. But there in my small kitchen, standing on a work top is my unassuming cream garlic pot. Garlic has to be my ultimate food enhancing flavour, without out flavour food can been very dull, boring and lifeless and the same too with real life.  So could I capture some interesting pictures around this theme?

Day Twenty One – Flavour 01, originally uploaded by Chrissy Lewis’ Flickr.

Day Twenty One – Flavour 02, originally uploaded by Chrissy Lewis’ Flickr.

Day Twenty One – Flavour 03, originally uploaded by Chrissy Lewis’ Flickr.

Day Twenty One – Flavour 04, originally uploaded by Chrissy Lewis’ Flickr.