Nest Café, Ripley

A stylish boutique and lifestyle café set in the picturesque village of Ripley, Surrey.

Nest Café, Ripley

Nest Home & Cafe offers visitors a classical escape from the hum-drum where you can sit and watch the world go by over cappuccino and a slice of their “life-changing” cake in their beautifully designed and decorated interior or outside on their terrace.

Nest Café, Ripley

Otherwise you can allow yourself to be mesmerised by the wonderful selection of antique furniture, tableware, home-ware and gifts that the shop has to offer.

Nest Café, Ripley

Which you can browse to your hearts content.

Nest Café, Ripley

Everything is delightfully served on handmade bohemian inspired dinner and glassware from Juliska ceramics (which is impossible not to fall in love with). The elegantly rustic Juliska ceramics and glassware are one for my wish list.

Nest Café, Ripley

We can highly recommend the cakes and the pastries (especially the Almond Croissant or Lemon and Pistachio cake ), but no cake for us this time.

Nest Café, Ripley


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