Watercress Festival

Today was the 10th annual Watercress Festival in the little Hampshire village of Alresford.  We made use of the Festival Park & Ride at Ropley and hopped a very crowded and warm stream train on the Mid Hants Railway for the short journey over.

Watercress Festival 01

The Watercress Festival is an annual street festival celebrating the locally grown watercress. The festival also draws together other food producers from all over the local area to create this free food festival.

Watercress Festival 04a

The colourful Morris men and women were performing at top of Broad Street and attracted a good crowd, both young and old.

Watercress Festival 04

The Food Market was situated in Broad Street and had over 40 stalls from Hampshire Farmers Market.

Watercress Festival 05

There was plenty to tempt even the steely-willed of us from olives to handmade breads.

Watercress Festival 06

For our mid-morning “coffee” we popped into Caracoli Café and Food Store also located in Broad Street.

Watercress Festival 10

We have been meaning to visit this café since seeing the chefs participating in day time bakery competition on ITV a few months back. The coffee I am told was impressive.

Watercress Festival 09

For our journey home we could not, not purchase one of these naughty fresh fruit cupcake.

Watercress Festival 07


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