New Year’s Resolutions 1: Creating my own (Secret) Garden

After receiving some garden vouchers for Christmas from my in-laws, we have been spurred us on to think about what we might like to do with our garden. So here is my first new year’s resolution for 2012: creating my own (Secret) Garden.

So with mobile phone camera to hand, we made a trip to our local garden centre for some inspiration:

A Sundial

I don’t actually remember there being a sundial being mentioned in The Secret Garden (ebook), but they do feel quintessentially part of an English country garden.

Garden ideas 01

Garden ideas 03


Classic country garden decorative paving.

Garden ideas 05

Garden ideas 04

I have started to collect together more ideas for creating my secret garden and have posted them my Pinterest pinboard Ideas for my Garden


2 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions 1: Creating my own (Secret) Garden

  1. How wonderful, Chrissy! I love that sundial and also the paving! I can’t wait to see how you create your own secret garden!

  2. I love this idea Chrissy!

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