What a gorgeous morning, the sun is out and we have our first frost of Autumn.  We took a drive out to Polesden Lacey to wander around the gardens and grounds.

Autumn at Polesden 02

Even before we got into the gardens, there was a glorious display of rosehips(?) in the car park.   (My ability to recognise plants is very limited)

Autumn at Polesden 01

The colour is what autumn is all about, especially in the sunshine.

Autumn at Polesden 03


4 responses to “Rosehips

  1. Yes, they are rosehips – and prettily captured, I might add. Did you know that one little rosehip berry has as much vitamin C as an orange? Sadly, the seeds inside them cause something called… “itchy bum”, so people use them for tea or jelly and such instead of eating them solo. Ahh, nice to see my years as a natural history interpreter have not gone to waste. 😉

  2. These rosehips are beautiful! I love the colours and the light!

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