Creating my own advent countdown

I have recently discovered Pinterest, a virtual pin board which enables users to collate visual ideas together  on “boards” and share boards  with each other.

Now Pinterest is fast becoming a new addiction, to add to other social media fads and crazes I indulge in.

I wanted to share one discovery I recently made through Pinterest, which was this beautiful Advent Pocket Calendar via Kimberly Petersen’s blog.

Advent Pocket Calendar by Kimberly Petersen

The idea of this pocket advent calendar is create a to count down to Christmas with 24 themed activities in each pocket.

Inspired by this idea I wanted to create my own advent calendar with my own 24 themed activities. 

Advent Calendar 01

So glue, pens, scissors and craft knife at the ready…

Advent Calendar 02

…christmas paper sourced and chosen

Advent Calendar 03

I am adapting Kimberly’s idea a little.  For my calendar I am creating 24 tags which I am decorating the front of and then will write the activities on the back of each the tags.  I plan to thread some ribbon though the tag’s hole and I will hang them on our giant pin board which we have in the hallway.

Time to get on with making the rest of the tags and deciding  upon the activities to go on the back of them.


3 responses to “Creating my own advent countdown

  1. Wow, what a lovely idea!

    Looking forward to seeing your finished calendar 🙂

  2. What a fantastic idea! I’d also love to see your finished calendar! You are so talented! I love the colours you’ve chosen for your project!

  3. oh my goodness I can’t believe how organised you are! wow this looks a fantastic project.

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