August Break Day 31 – Fungi finds

Today is the final day of The August Break 2011, as well as the end of my summer holiday.  It’s be a lovely journey of daily photographing my every day and sharing with others through Flickr.  Thank you to everyone who has stopped by and been kind enough to leave a kind word or two.

Fungi 01

Tomorrow is the beginning of September and it already feels like that autumn is in the air.

Fungi 02

Nestling beneath the bushes and the undergrowth, I discovered this wild mushroom.   I don’t think I will even attempt to identify what sort of mushroom this is or even think about eating it.


2 responses to “August Break Day 31 – Fungi finds

  1. it has gone so quickly. Amazing fungi you have photographed here, it’s rather abstract!

  2. I can’t believe August is over already! Wasn’t it over faster this year than last year? Mushrooms definitely show that autumn is here! Wonderful photos, Chrissy – I love the perspective!

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