August Break Day 12 – local markets

I am enjoying the first day of my two-week summer break from work.  It is scary to think I am going to be away that long from work, not sure I have ever taken so much time off in one go before.

Market stalls 01

We made a quick trip into town this morning, so with my camera in my bag I was able to capture some pictures of the local market stalls that line the High Street.

Market stalls 02

I loved contrast in colours and textures between the aubergines and the corn cobs.

Market stalls 03

Surprised at my find of these Doughnut peach, probably so named because of their shape and their resemblance to doughnuts.

Market stalls 04

The array of vegetables that were piled high on the stalls with the handwritten signs.

Market stalls 05


2 responses to “August Break Day 12 – local markets

  1. I love pictures of the market. These are especially lovely. Great work!

  2. Makes me hungry for fresh produce. Love the contrast of the yellow corn next to the eggplant. Also, who the heck needs that much garlic? Hahaha. Lovely photos 🙂

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