Pick your own in Surrey

We made our first visit to Secretts in Milford to test out their Pick Your Own (P.Y.O), as inspired to by A Thrifty Mrs’ blog post Pick Your Own – Manchester in June.

This is a fantastic place with rows and rows of fruit, flowers and vegetables, I can’t believe that we haven’t been here before.  

Pick Your Own in Surrey 01

The weather wasn’t promising too much,  as we had, had a few spits and spots of rain earlier during our walk in Winkworth Arboretum.  So to be on the safe side we brought our brolly with us.  Despite the strawberries being in long rows near the entrance we decided to stomp off to find the raspberries and plums first.

Pick Your Own in Surrey 02

To find the juicy raspberries, we had hunt low on the brushes close to the ground as they were hidden beneath the leaves. 

Pick Your Own in Surrey 03

Even after my inexpensive find on Friday and at 75p per stem I was tempted to pick a couple more sunflower stems to add to my vase.  But I resisted.

Pick Your Own in Surrey 04

The best find were these plums, they are unbelievable.  They are so deliciously sweet and tasty.  They were better than anything I have had from the supermarkets.


2 responses to “Pick your own in Surrey

  1. This is so gorgeous, Chrissy! I do enjoy “pick your own” whenever it’s possible! There used to be a strawberry field just around the corner of where I live but unfortunately this summer was too wet for the strawberries here and they didn’t open up for picking.

  2. There’s nothing better than freshly picked fruit and veg. Those raspberry’s are mouthwateringly good!

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