Pretty in the pink

Day two of the August Break.

What a glorious day of sunshine, so it was a shame to have to be stuck in the inside all day.  I spent the morning stuck in awful traffic due to a horrific crash on the M25.  The roads had been a little wet and greasy, a lethal combination especially when everyone is driving up to speed.  I ended up arriving a little bit late in Maidstone, but just thankful to arrived safely.

On arriving home this evening I noticed these beautiful pink flowers (Hydrangea), which sit underneath our living room window at the front of the house, bathed in the evening sunshine.

Pretty in pink


4 responses to “Pretty in the pink

  1. The colours are so pretty! Loved it!

  2. This is so beautiful, Chrissy! I just saw that photo in the flickr group and had to hop over and tell you how much I love that pink!

  3. They are gorgeous, for some reason they never seem to grow in our garden. It’s a shame because they always throw up such a gorgeous splash of colour.

  4. heeeeey i was going to post something like that lol….oh well, great shot though 🙂

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