Parisian postcard

I have recently taken to thumbing through the crates of old postcards at the local Oxfam shop after a couple of fabulous finds (read other related post: Thrifty Finds).

Parisian postcard

Just last week I found this mono Parisian postcard for 10p which I framed with an inexpensive frame I picked up from the market.  I am very pleased with the final result with is now sat on the window sill at the top of the landing.


3 responses to “Parisian postcard

  1. This is beautiful, Chrissy! I also love old postcards but never thought of framing them! Wonderful idea and result!

  2. What a find Chrissy!
    It is beautiful.

  3. I love finding old postcards and photos. I with Rosie and have never thought of framing them. It looks great and it just goes to show it doesnt always cost much to have something that looks amazing.

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