Summer Garden Fete

Maybe summer is finally here!

With this beautiful weather we spent a civilised afternoon at the Rector’s Summer Garden Fete.  As we wandered amongst the stalls chatting to friends, classical piano music floated across the immaculately kept gardens.

Summer Garden Fete 02

The stalls dotted around the gardens, had wonderful goodies on sale to raise money for charity.

Summer Garden Fete 01

After browsing, we finally succumbed to purchasing this yummy carrot cake which we plan to enjoy with afternoon tea.

Summer Garden Fete 03

There was a stunning display of flowers.  Not sure we identified what they all were.

Some of the poppies flowers has passed leaving these poppy heads.

Summer Garden Fete 06

I miss the dogs my parents had when we were teenagers so I took the opportunity to make friends with this very cute King Charles Spaniel.

Summer Garden Fete 06


2 responses to “Summer Garden Fete

  1. what lovely shots, sounds a great way to spend the day.

  2. Wonderful photographs Chrissy, and that carrot cake looks heavenly!
    One of my favorites!

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