iPhone Photo Friday 01

Recently I stumbled upon this new project over at Adrienne Rose Photography blog.   It’s iPhone Photo Friday, which provide an opportunity for participants to share photos taken with iPhone or Android phone (phew I have one of those) during the week.

I have always wonder about photos I take with my mobile and whether I should share them on my photography blog.  On the whole I have tend to stir clear of posting them, probably because of some perceived snobbery attached to such photographs (though technically my phone camera is almost the same picture quality as my small digital).

Pretty flower Photobucket


3 responses to “iPhone Photo Friday 01

  1. Very nice

  2. Thanks so much for submitting! I do love this photo! And btw, it can be ANY cell phone! 🙂

    I am so happy that new cell phones have really decent quality of photos! I kind of feel the same way about posting cell pics, but I am not trying to say they are professional at all. I just think it’s super fun, creative, and an easy way to share what’s going on in your own life.

    Though, I have been reading about some photographers who do ‘mini-shoots’ with their iPhone (or whatever). And they turn out super neat! I think there is a market there! 🙂 Easily shared and obtained!

    Again, thanks so much for linking up! I love the photo! Hope you link up again next week!

  3. I think there is something beautiful and charming about photos from the phone…if you like it, post it! This is pretty 😉

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