A moment of sunshine

I have noticed a familiar weather theme has been cropping up in  some of my blogs posts recently, which is probably going towards fuelling and cementing the British stereotype of always talking about the weather. 

So in keeping with the stereotype, I am starting this post with…in a rare moment of sunshine on Sunday afternoon I was able to nip into the garden with my camera and capture these pictures.

A moment of sunshine 1

We have a number of these Hypericum bushes in the garden, more by luck than judgement.   In the sunlight they are glorious and just radiate and reflect the light.

A moment of sunshine 2

You may have also noticed from previous blog posts that I am not a committed gardener, in fact I more a fair-weathered gardener at the best of times.  Which is probably why we have bramble bushes encroaching into the garden.  We do have the benefit of these pretty white flowers at the moment with the promise of blackberries at the end of the season.


3 responses to “A moment of sunshine

  1. These are wonderful Chrissy, especially the Hypericum!
    We’ve been talking about the weather a lot here also, in that it has not been a very good spring. I am hoping summer proves to be a bit nicer!
    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photographs today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  2. love your sunshine shots, beautiful light on them, it’s hard not to talk about the british weather!

  3. Lovely shots! Hope you have more moments like this!

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