Edwardian decay

You may have seen my post yesterday about our visit to Polesden Lacey.  In a follow-up post from yesterday I wanted to share some of the pictures I captured of inside the house. 

These are not pictures of beautifully restored rooms full of antique furniture and furnishings, but rooms where nothing has happened with them yet.

Polesden Lacey interiors 01

There was something very enchanting about these rooms, even more so than the rooms which had been restored. Fading wallpaper and flaking paint.

Polesden Lacey interiors 02

The National Trust is looking to restore these rooms and were asking visitors how they would like see the rooms restored and presented .

Polesden Lacey interiors 03

In suite of rooms was this is old bathroom, with a huge marble bath, a very old WC and lots of mirrors.

Polesden Lacey interiors 04


One response to “Edwardian decay

  1. So interesting to see the interior! I love the effects with the mirror!

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