Edwardian country house

We have the weekend to ourselves, so this morning I grabbed by camera and we drove out to Polesden Lacey, an Edwardian house in Surrey which has been owned by the National Trust since 1942. 

Polesden Lacey 02

A house has existed on the site since C14th, but the house has been demolished and rebuilt a number of times with the current house being built-in 19th century.

Polesden Lacey 01

In 1906, the house was bought by brewery multimillionaire William McEwan for his daughter (Margaret Anderson) and son-in-law the Honourable Ronald Greville.  Mrs Greville remodelled the house between 1906-09 (her husband died in 1908).

Polesden Lacey 03

In May 1923, Mrs Greville lent Polesden Lacey to Duke and Duchess of York as a honeymoon destination for the royal couple.

Photograph belongs to The Royal Collection © 2011

Mrs Grenville bequeathed the Polesden Lacey estate to the National Trust after her death in 1942.

Polesden Lacey 04

This black and white photograph of the steps leading up to gates to the entrance of the Rose Garden is one of my favourites from today.

Polesden Lacey 05


4 responses to “Edwardian country house

  1. How wonderful Chrissy! I love old houses and most of the times they have beautiful gardens, as well! Thanks also for the interesting facts to go with the photos! Have a wonderful weekend just the two of you!

  2. Thanks Rosie!

    I am hoping to share some pictures of the interior and gardens over the next couple of days.

  3. What a wonderful house Chrissy.
    Wonderful photographs of it!

  4. Brilliant pictures, as ever. We live very close to PL and love our ambles around the house and gardens

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