Key to it all {039/365}

Spending the day relaxing and chilling out on the sofa with the Sunday papers, indulging in flicking through all the pictures and stories from the Royal Wedding on Friday. 

I am not very good at unwinding completely and have spent the morning and some of the afternoon fidgeting.   I don’t real like watching snooker so there is little to keep my interest for long.  I probably need to  settled down with a good book. 

Inching to grab my camera and snap something, but I am not in the mood to get out.  So I captured this close-up for Macro Friday over at Blogging from Bolivia

Key to it all {039/365}


4 responses to “Key to it all {039/365}

  1. This is a wonderful macro Chrissy!
    Fantastic point of focus!

  2. I absolutely agree with Lisa, Chrissy! This is gorgeous! And such a great idea!

  3. Great idea. The ordinary becomes extraordinary in macro 🙂

  4. Wonderful shot! I love doors and keys…..this one is especially interesting.

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