Stripey cutlery {015/365}

I have been trying to have break from using the computer in the evenings as I spend so much time sat in front of a computer during the day.  I managed one evening, and I hoping to achieve a second evening but have failed miserably.

With hubby watching some pre-recorded cricket highlights I thought I would catch up with my 365 Day project.

Stripey cutlery {015/365}


3 responses to “Stripey cutlery {015/365}

  1. What colourful cutlery! My husband keeps telling me I spend far too much time on the computer. I can’t seem to break the habit!

  2. I love that cutlery – makes me happy to just look at it! I’m staring on a screen during work, too, but on some days I really can’t turn my computer on at home as my eyes and head are aching. But I have to say that on those days I really miss it…!

  3. I love your cutlery, I have always wanted cutlery like this, a great perspective

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