Creative Exchange {014/365}

Inspired by Lisa’s theme of “the ties that bind” on her blog for this week’s Creative Exchange , I have combined a texture with a macro capture of my engagement and wedding rings. 

Creative Exchange {014/365}

The rings are overlapping almost entwined together, with the word forever inscribed on the inside – “the ties that bind us”.


10 responses to “Creative Exchange {014/365}

  1. Truly at a loss for words here Chrissy, so I hope beautiful will do. A breathtaking photograph, and such a wonderful post!

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange. It is so perfect for it!

    I wish you a wonderful evening.


  2. Oh Chrissy, this is so beautiful, I’m really at a loss of words to express how much I love this!!

  3. It is a beautiful…and meaningful…shot!

  4. oh how lovely! wow what a gorgeous photograph with so much sentiment.

  5. Nice processing on this beautiful image!

  6. That is beautiful pick and first I didn’t see what it was until I read the text.

  7. Brilliant! The texture is perfect for the image! =)

  8. Truly a very special and romantic photo! Your processing is lovely!

  9. What a gorgeous image you’ve created. Love the macro.

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