Fading beauty {007/365}

After enjoying the beauty of flowers for the last week, it is time to throw out the fading and dying roses from Valentine’s day, but not before I grab a capture for my 365 Days project.

Fading beauty


10 responses to “Fading beauty {007/365}

  1. I honestly think that roses and so many other things are just as beautiful at this stage, as they are when they are “brand new!” Wonderful shot Chrissy, and thank you so much for sharing it today at The Creative Exchange!

    Have a wonderful evening!


  2. The texture f the rose petals becomes interesting, all by itself.
    Well caught.

  3. I did this with a Mother’s Day rose last year…..fascinating to record the changes, right to the leathery end. Beautiful capture.

  4. AS the flower fades, the color (especially red) seems to take on a new depth. Lovely shot!

  5. I think she’s just as beautiful, even though, to many, her beauty has begun to fade. I agree with Pat the colour seems to deepen and the petals look like rich velvet. 🙂

  6. I love the depth of the red here, this is lovely and looks just as beautiful in its final days.

  7. I’m afraid I will have to do the same with my roses soon. I love the sharpness of this image.

  8. so pretty, even if fading!

  9. I love fading beauties as well and have lots of photos of them. They seem to have a lot of character. I hope you’re feeling well now.

  10. There is something about dried flowers…especially roses…that I find fascinating. Beautiful in their prime, I think as the youth and beauty fades, it’s replaced by more interesting characteristics…much like people!

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