Macro Friday

Earlier this week I attended a day conference showcasing the work and achievements of a collaborative digitisation project within the arts eduction sector.   It was a fantastic day, all about discovering the wealth of archives and collections that different universities have been involved in digitising and the value and impact they have on learning and research as well as social engagement. 

One of the themes through the day was textiles and knitting, so it was a wonderful surprise to find that our conference pack contain a ball of wool, a pair of needles and a set of knitting instructions provided by the textile designer Deryn Relph, who was exhibiting her work on the day.

Knitting in the pink 01

I was taught by my nan and my mum how to knit when I was a child, but I haven’t knitted for years.    I remember knitting jumpers for a charity to help those suffering in Africa or toys that I thought I would sell, but never did as I didn’t think they were good enough.

So following the simple instructions that accompanied the wool and needles I am attempting to give this craft another go.

Knitting in the pink 02


7 responses to “Macro Friday

  1. Love the clarity and colour! I keep saying to myself I’d like to learn how to knit again. My mother taught me when I was a young child. But never seem to get round to it. Enjoy!

  2. love the colors! Good luck restarting your craft. I have wanted to get into it for a while now but cant seem to make it a priority yet.

  3. Wow such a bright pretty pink!

  4. Such a happy macro! I love the color. Your stitches look perfect.

  5. Such a wonderful macro, Chrissy! I love the colour and also your background story to the photos! Makes me start knitting again!

  6. Love the detail of the stitches and the needles in the 2nd photo.

  7. Lovely color. I can’t stop knitting! xxx

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