Lunchtime walk

What a beautiful day, I just had to get outside and enjoy a walk in the sunshine at lunch time.   Armed with my new phone and it’s 5 megapixel camera, I captured my lunch time walk.

Lunchtime walk 04

I love the horizontal and vertical patterns created by this cobbled street, which I captured for Patterns and repetition in February

Lunchtime walk 03

Shop windows are all full of Valentine’s Day ideas.  I especially love these Emma Bridgewater “love” mugs.

Lunchtime walk 05

It was so tempting to sit and enjoy my lunch outside at one of little cafés that lined this cobbled street.

Lunchtime walk 07

Lunchtime walk 10

Lunchtime walk 11

Lunchtime walk 12


7 responses to “Lunchtime walk

  1. What a beautiful set of photos, Chrissy! Thanks for taking me on the walk with you! I love your patterns – wonderful!! Looks like an enjoyable lunch break!

  2. Love these piccy’s – looks a beautiful place where you work, where is it? Farnham by chance?x

  3. Thanks for sharing your walk with us. Lovely photos!

  4. These are great Chrissy.
    I especially like the sidewalk. Perfect for the theme!

  5. what a fantastic photo walk, a great set of pictures and I love all your patterns you caught on camera.

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