Saturday bargins

Another by-product of watching Kirstie Allsops homemade home means that I have started browsing through charity shops more, looking for inspirational and bargain priced nick-nacks. And today was no different.

We made a trip to Oxfam’s Bookshop, a fabulous place for all those book-lovers everywhere. There were a beautiful 100-year-old book by Francis Hodgson Burnett which I was tempted to buy, but in the end I settled for two icon looking penguin books – Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw and Tarka the Otter by Henry Williamson, each costing £1.99.

Penguin books


3 responses to “Saturday bargins

  1. Oh wonderful! Bookshops are one of my favourite places to be (apart from a bakery maybe 😉 ). I love Pygmalion but don’t know Tarka – will look into that! Have a wonderful weekend, Chrissy!

  2. have you read Tarka the otter? it made me cry so much when I was younger, I remember it so well! so incredibly sad. Oxfam has such good books. Love your shot here, enjoy pygmalion!

  3. I have also been encouraged by Kirstie’s ideas!! I sometimes pop into my local village charity shops to see if I can find anything that would make a good photo subject. Love your shot, the colours and composition are wonderful.

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