Macro Friday

A combined post for Macro Friday and the Partially seen in January series. 

After being inspired by Kirstie Allsops’ Homemade Home programmes on Channel 4 over the last few months,  I made a trip last weekend to The Packhouse in Runfold, near Farnham.   I have been there before and  it’s a fantastic place located in a former old Hop Kiln selling ‘shabby chic furniture, vintage and contemporary home accessories‘.

Every nook and cranny is filled with beautiful furniture and accessories.  You can seriously get lost in the place.

Anyway, I was extremely restrained despite having temptation surrounding me everywhere.  In the end I made only one purchase, this  French  style vintage milk bottle.

Milk bottle


3 responses to “Macro Friday

  1. this is wonderful! sounds like a great place.

  2. What a beautiful bottle! Thanks for sharing the link – looks wonderful and I’ll hop over there to browse and dream! 🙂

  3. How pretty with the light shining through.

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