B&W Wednesday – Creative butterfly

The evenings are just flying by, what with computer problems and couple of creative projects I seem to have in the go.  At least I feel that I am getting stuff done

I almost forgot it is B&W Wednesday over at Lisa’s The Long Road to China blog.   So in response to those of you who wanted some pictures of my newly inherited sewing machine, I have created a mosaic of black and white snaps for B&W Wednesday.  The machine must be about 30 years old and is an old Singer.  I am lucky my mum taught me how to use it when I was younger otherwise I would be stuck now.

Sewing Machine B&W mosaic

I feel like I am turning into a bit of a creative butterfly, flitting from one creative project to another. Plus I am reading my third Philippa Gregory novel, this one about Elizabeth I, in the space of month.  Not sure what is happening, it’s not that I have found any more time but I have stopped just sitting in front of the TV all night watching episodes of The West Wing or the like. 

Last night I was clearing out some junk and found a pile of colour charts which I was going to throw out.   Instead of ditching them in the recycle bin, I used them with my Martha Stewart Butterfly hole punch to create this 3D collage.


I have made something similar before after being inspired by an Ali Edwards  Weekend Creative Project, which I framed uploaded in Flickr ages ago.

And of course I am also testing out my new sewing machine, and I have created some green and pink bunting.  It was just something I was trying out but I am quite pleased with the results that I am going to finish it and find it a home.


the long road


7 responses to “B&W Wednesday – Creative butterfly

  1. my 365 blog has been Macro themed this month—I appreciate your captures!

  2. What fun to have a vintage sewing machine! (This would be great for the new weekly series I’ve started titled Tuesday’s Treasures over onmy blog.</a)

    I love the bunting! One of these days I'll get on stitched up for a special place in my home. I have a couple places that could use some cheery bunting!

  3. wow you are so crafty and you do so much! I love your sewing machine shots and your bunting, all look great in black and white. Great that you are reading so much, I switch off the telly last night and read instead, it is so much more rewarding isn’t it?

  4. Such a fantastic mosaic, Chrissy! Good thing you know how to handle it! You are so creative, I really admire you! Was just over at your flickr link for the butterflies – they are so beautiful! You are such a talented woman and I always love to come over and have a look at all your creations!

    • Rosie how unbelievably complementary, I am blushing. Its been great to share with you and other creative souls and of course to be encouraged and inspired! Thank you for your continued support. You are a star!

  5. Hey Chrissy, you are the star 🙂

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